Theo 104 Quiz 3

THEO 104 Quiz 3 Liberty University Answers

Set 1 (2017)

  1. Jesus claims to be the “I AM” of the Old Testament.
  2. Not all of the disciples believed that Jesus was God.
  3. Which religion considers Jesus to be divine, but does not affirm the Trinity and believes that Jesus was created at a point in time.
  4. Jesus’ miracles point to him being God.
  5. Which apostle presents the clearest picture of Jesus’s claims to deity?
  6. Though Jesus was human, he never got hungry, thirsty, or tired since he was God.
  7. When did the incarnation begin?
  8. The humanity of Christ is not as important as the deity of Christ.
  9. What is the term used to describe the doctrine that God the Son took on flesh and became a man?
  10. This creed affirms that Jesus has the same nature or essence as God the Father and the same nature as humanity.
  11. means to “satisfy wrath.”
  12. The law of God is a list of preferences that he developed that best suited humanity.
  13. Jesus did not have to die to provide salvation, but God thought that his death was the best option.
  14. Which theory claims that the death of Jesus provides humanity with an example of the great love of God?
  15. Even though God is holy, anyone can be in his presence because he is loving.
  16. Who pioneered the Minimal Facts Approach?
  17. Not all scholars actually believe Jesus rose from the dead due to the Minimal Facts Approach.
  18. Which of the following is NOT one of the facts addressed by the Minimal Facts Approach?
  19. The author believes that the Minimal Facts Approach is an accurate interpretation of the facts concerning Jesus’ resurrection.
  20. What event is the defining point of the Christian faith?
  21. Which of the following statements is not true?
  22. What is the final stage of Christ’s exaltation?
  23. Christ’s exaltation provides hope for Christians concerning their future resurrection and eternal home with the Trinity.
  24. Which of the following is not part of the exaltation of Christ?
  25. Christ’s humiliation starts at the low point of Christ’s crucifixion and has the high point of his eternal glory as the sovereign Lord over his creation.

Set 2

  1. Which two possibilities of Creationism does the author say are closest to Scripture?
  2. A consequence of Adam’s sin is spiritual death.
  3. All of God’s creation is created in the image of God.
  4. Two types of sin exist: actual sin and conditional sin.
  5. The human personality includes the three elements of intellect, emotions, and will.
  6. Though Christians are not commanded to do good works, many do them because they want to.
  7. The belief that God began the process of evolution within the context of created matter. Though God programmed the system, simple life forms were allowed to evolve into more complex life structures. During this entire process, God withdrew himself and allowed natural laws to guide the process.
  8. The use of the Bible term “heart” is best understood by simply saying “me.”
  9. The image of God is spoken of in the Old Testament, but it is not spoken of in the New Testament.
  10. The Bible describes man as essentially evil because his heart is evil.
  11. Only Christians maintain the image of God.
  12. It is a sin to be tempted.
  13. Of the three aspects of the human personality, the most vital part is the will.
  14. While it is that Christians are saved apart from works, Christians also believe that faith without works is not genuine.
  15. A system sees evolution as taking place entirely by inherent forces.
  16. What is a question that Darwinians have not been able to answer?
  17. A system that allows for external factors.
  18. The image of God was completely lost in the Fall recorded in Genesis 3.
  19. The image of God is synonymous with man’s immaterial nature.
  20. What is the main point that the author illustrates with an elephant and 4 blind men?
  21. Due to sin, mankind lost orginal righteousness.
  22. The heart can be hardened by sin.
  23. The conscience is developed by doing right.
  24. The image of God in man should help point others to the King of Kings.
  25. Christian believe the source of suffering to be the conditions of this world.
  26. Prior to the Fall recorded in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve were all‑
  27. Moslem leaders claim that Christianity and Islam are alike in that Allah was “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
  28. The image of God is merely man’s rational or moral abilities.
  29. There is only one Greek word for “sin” recorded in the New Testament.
  30. Christian do good works because of gratitude for what God has done.
  31. The Bible speaks of both presumptious sins and sins of ignorance.
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