SCOM 110 Exam 3

SCOM 110 Exam 3
1. The success of narrowcasting has, in large part, been made possible through ______________. The advent of these has created opportunities for advertisers to reach new audiences in new ways.
2. This company ran a startling 30‐second ad, which ended with the slogan, “Why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.’” Today, this company is a leading manufacturer of converged media platforms.
3. The Truth antismoking campaign, for instance, is developed especially for young audiences and emphasizes the health risks of tobacco use. It is a contemporary example of what form of promotion?
4. This is a type of communication that concentrates on persuading clients to support a very specific issue such as a cause or a social movement.
5. Freddie Mac‐more formally known as the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation‐ created its own TV show to attract potential Hispanic homebuyers. The show’s producers patterned their programming in a way similar to what storytelling device popular in Hispanic media?
6. Google has developed the world’s largest Internet‐ad placement services, also known as _______________. With these services, advertisers pay for ad placements that match keyword searches that appear next to search results.
7. To better identify their markets and to test the impact they have on their targeted audiences, advertisers often run sophisticated studies that look at individuals’ lifestyles, values, attitudes and personalities. Studies of this nature are known as
8. In the United States, as they do in much of the world, _______________make(s) possible the variety of mass media content that we all enjoy.
9. This former newspaper reporter took on the job of cleaning up the public image of large American companies in the early 1900s and simultaneously established public relations as a separate profession. Many consider him to be the father of modern PR.
10. According to Chapter 8, while it appears that Starbucks makes money by selling cups of coffee, at its core, the Starbucks “product” is really the ____________payoff that results from a manufactured cultural experience.
11. This is the name of the highly effective way of creating audience affinity with a product or message without direct commercial advertising. It comprises the mixing of identifiable products and brands into entertainment programming.
12. PR firms often employ 360‐degree campaigns, which present a client’s message across a wide range of media platforms, including the Internet, television and radio, print, and mobile devices.
13. Due to new technologies such as DVRs and TiVo, product placement has become passé.
14. Although advertising underwrites‐that is, finances‐American mass media, its voice tends to be kept separate from content production.
15. Public relations professionals have the key advantage of being able to persuade journalists and editors to tell a story a certain way.
16. Lobbying focuses on communicating the interests, concerns and issues pertinent to particular individuals and organizations to local, state and national legislatures.
17. In the United States, the roots of modern public relations can be traced back to the time of the American Revolution.
18. This national newspaper became the largest circulated paper in publishing history in 2009, primarily because of the changeover of print to digital.
19. Pre‐Civil War newspapers from this historical era of newspaper publishing acted as the media voice of America’s political parties and others with a political agenda.
20. This magazine publisher is credited for having established the subgenre of magazines known as the photo magazine. He was the publisher of Life magazine.
21. One of the more popular features that appeared in tabloid newspapers in the 1920s and 1930s were gossip columns. A very popular gossip columnist that covered the kidnapping of famed aviator Charles Lindberg’s son was:
22. The “Red Scare” in the early 1950s was a good example of how a governmental figure would manipulate the press to perpetrate a hoax that would label prominent figures as communists. The governmental official responsible was:
23. One of the longest enduring and most widely used news syndicates, which began around 1845 and still is prominent in today’s mass media is:
24. When newspapers consolidate under one company, the industry describes those consolidations as:
25. A big detriment to the magazine and book publishing industries, which changed in 1851, was the U.S. Postal Service’s refusal to ship packages weighing more than:
26. The first truly modern graphic novel appeared in print in 1971. It was called
27. Hogan’s Alley is the name of a cartoon strip that was published in a newspaper owned and operated by __________, the famed publisher who added a yellow shirt to one of the cartoon’s characters to make it more sensational. “They Yellow Kid” became the mascot of yellow journalism.
28. Novels were often serialized and published in newspapers and magazines in the mid‐
29. 19th Century. One way to write serial novels was to end chapters at a suspenseful point in the novel. That practices, which brought subscribers back for the next issue, became known as writing:
30. National Geographic is one magazine that has met the challenge created by content convergence onto the Internet.
31. The Pennsylvania Gazette, Benjamin Franklin’s first newspaper, was the widest circulated newspaper in The Colonies in 1730.
32. Stereotyping is a technological invention in the printing industry that made digitizing print easier.
33. The Fourth Estate is a term used to describe the government printing houses that disseminate free publications to the American public.
34. Ebay and Craigslist’s domination on the Internet had little effect on the advertising income of newspapers.
35. Google Book Search is one example of the book industry’s effort to digitize the entire catalog of printed knowledge.
36. This blog was founded in 2005 by a “liberal” columnist. It is now among the five largest news and commentary websites in the world, attracting nearly 9 million unique visitors monthly in 2009.
37. The new technologies encompassed by society ‐ email, blogs, social networking sites and tweets ‐ have had a huge impact on what we call journalism. Which of the following statements is most true?
38. is a news site that was launched in 2004 by the Missouri School of Journalism. It does not compete with larger news sites. is a good example of
39. The author of this text has reinvented the term “new journalism.” The term was originally used in the 1960s and 1970s to describe a literary style of news writing typically found in magazines. Which of the following journalists is given credit for coining the term “new journalism”?
40. Short‐tail journalism is a term borrowed from the field of economics. Short‐tail retailers focus on large‐volume sales of small quantities of specialty items. Which of the following is not a typical short‐tail journalism operation?
41. CNN is a good example of a media organization that

42. New journalism as defined by this text’s author is causing revolutionary change to the field of journalism ethics. Which of the following is not a basic principle of journalistic ethics?
43. Websites like Google News and InForm make their money by distributing materials they’ve sorted from other websites. These sites are controversial because of which the following types of legal rulings.
44. A journalistic business that does not produce its own stories or perform its own journalism, but instead only compiles and presents news from other sites is called
45. Today’s journalists need to be multimedia journalists. In 2008 CNN announced it would start hiring employees who could enhance the changing industry. They advertised for employees they called
46. All of the following news operations are considered to be pioneers in journalism’s adaptation to the 24/7 news cycle except
47. Walter Cronkite, who died in 2009, was a famed network anchor for ABC.
48. Matthew Drudge coined the original term, “new journalism” back in the 1960s and 1970s to describe a literary style of news writing that was typically found in magazines.
49. Matthew Drudge has “become one of the most famous, albeit controversial conservative, online commentators in America.
50. Citizen journalists have little or no formal journalistic educator or training, but are able to have a substantial voice in the “new journalism” of internet reporting.
51. MSNBC, the website, is a good example of a journalism operation that practices short‐ tail journalism.

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