RLGN 489 Leadership Development Strategy

RLGN 489 Leadership Development Strategy Liberty University

You will submit a comprehensive leadership development strategy that articulates the process for equipping believers, both new and older in the faith, to recognize the priority of identifying, developing, and using their spiritual gifts in the mission of the local church. You must consider the biblical qualifications of leaders as well as the most conscientious practices to ensure that all preliminary measures have been taken with regard to personal background checks and references. Current Turabian format must be used in all formatting, including the title page, pagination, footnotes, and bibliography. The paper must be 1,400–2,250 words, not including the title page and bibliography, and must incorporate 3–5 scholarly sources and at least 5 biblical references. The strategy must be organized according to the following outline:

  1. Articulate your philosophy of leadership development along with the biblical and theological foundations. (300–500 words)
  2. Give basic information such as size, types of ministries, leaders needed, strengths and weaknesses, and unique features. (300–500 words)
  3. Demonstrate how you will implement a comprehensive program to recruit, train, and place leaders in ministry positions in your church or Christian organization in specific ways. Explain how you will discover, enlist, train, and retain leaders in ministry. This will be the practical part of your paper and must provide guidance for the next steps. (500–750 words)
  4. Summarize how you will be able to keep leadership development ongoing. Consider how you will consistently motivate leaders, how you will you maintain training, and how you will keep a new supply of leaders coming into the ministry. (300–500 words)

The paper will be graded for content and creativity as well as accurate application of biblical content.

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