PSYC 430 Quiz 7

PSYC 430 Quiz 7 Liberty University Answers

  1. A belief that the news anchor on CNN is giving one important messages about one’s behavior reflects:
  2. Which is MOST characteristic of mass murderers?
  3. Which marks an individual as a pseudocommando?
  4. “There’s nothing out there for me. I can’t stand other people, and I can’t stand myself, either. I’m just really mad right now.” Such a statement would most likely be made by someone with which personality disorder?
  5. Which statement is true regarding the relationship between obsessive-compulsive disorder (an anxiety disorder) and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder?
  6. A person who does poorly on a task called backward masking is MOST likely to be experiencing:
  7. Which statement regarding the treatment of paranoid personality disorder is accurate?
  8. A client has enlarged brain ventricles and a measurable loss of gray matter. These symptoms are:
  9. Comorbiditydescribes a situation in which:
  10. The personality disorder that is characterized by the need for undying love and admiration is:
  11. A young boy’s parents constantly tell him to “Be a man!” whenever he is in conflict with friends. In turn, his parents themselves often act aggressively toward each other and toward him. The theorist who would BEST be able to explain an adult diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder for this boy would be a _____ theorist.
  12. You might suspect an “era of narcissism” is approaching for a country when:
  13. A person diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder listens to a piano piece at a concert. Later at home, the person plays the piano piece without the music and without making a mistake. This behavior is best described as a:
  14. Which has mild intellectual disability NOT been linked to?
  15. A child displays normal behavior and intelligence, but she does not seem to be able to explain her actions and intentions as well as you would expect. If the deficit is severe enough, she might be diagnosed with:
  16. The MOST recent research has provided evidence that the primary causes of autism spectrum disorder include:
  17. A child has received the diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder. You would expect that he would have a problem:
  18. According to one psychological view of autism, the awareness that other people base their behaviors on their own belief, and not on information they have no way of knowing, is not present in children with autism spectrum disorder. This ability is called:
  19. A child is receiving problem-solving skills training as a treatment for conduct disorder. You can be reasonably sure that:
  20. Studies of the use of cognitive-behavioral techniques in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder have shown that cognitive-behavioral techniques can produce:
  21. Presently, 1 per _____ children will be diagnosed with autism.
  22. Results from TADS (Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study) BEST support which conclusion?
  23. MOST diagnosed cases of Down syndrome are of the:
  24. Cheri is 25, has an IQ of 60, and never did well at schoolwork. However, she now lives on her own, has a job, and is able to perform the routine chores of life. She would not be considered to have intellectual disability because:
  25. A woman is in a facility for those with intellectual disability. She has her own apartment, dresses herself, and goes to the dining room, where she orders breakfast off a menu. She then goes to work in a sheltered workshop. At the end of the day, she goes home to her apartment and gets ready for dinner. This arrangement is part of:
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