PSYC 430 Quiz 5

PSYC 430 Quiz 5 Liberty Answers

  1. All the treatment methods for bulimia nervosa share the immediate goal of:
  2. Compared to people with anorexia nervosa, MOST people with bulimia nervosa:
  3. The levels of _____ are low in many people with depression and those with eating disorders.
  4. Compared to the general public, people with eating disorders are more likely to:
  5. Men with this disorder are very muscular but still see themselves as scrawny and small and therefore continue to strive for a “perfect” body through extreme measures such as excessive weight lifting or the abuse of steroids.
  6. A woman with anorexia nervosa has lanugo. What has happened?
  7. According to Hilde Bruch, which statement characterizes ineffective parents whose children are prone to eating disorders?
  8. Why are those who have fallen to a weight below their set point in a “battle against themselves”?
  9. Changes in body image among African American women and among women in non-Westernized cultures support the idea that _____ has/have a strong influence on body image.
  10. People who do not have anorexia nervosa who are placed on a starvation diet:
  11. Which description is LEAST likely to characterize the behavior of someone experiencing anorexia nervosa?
  12. Support for the idea that depressive disorders set the stage for eating disorders comes from evidence that shows:
  13. According to Hilde Bruch, ineffective parents put their children at risk for eating disorders by:
  14. The chief danger of LSD use is:
  15. A pattern of abnormalities, head and facial deformities, heart defects, and intellectual development disorder characterizes someone with:
  16. Alcohol works as a central nervous system depressant by:
  17. The use of narcotic antagonists can be dangerous. This is based on their ability to initiate:
  18. If a physician wanted to relieve anxiety with a lesser risk of drowsiness, overdose, and slowed breathing, the physician would:
  19. Kelly is a long-time serious drinker. In the last year she has started having huge memory lapses. When this happens, she makes up wild stories to help her fill in what she does not remember. This symptom is called:
  20. In women, the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is found at:
  21. Which of the following is NOT a strategy included in relapse-prevention training for alcohol use disorder?
  22. The blood-alcohol level that typically produces the symptoms of intoxication is _____ of the blood volume.
  23. A person took a drug an hour or two ago. Now the person sits alone, quietly and intensely listening to the sap running in a tree with leaves that appear to be a brilliant purple to the drug user. MOST likely, the person has recently used:
  24. Freebasing has the effect of making cocaine:
  25. Benzodiazepines primarily affect the neurotransmitter:
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