PSYC 320 Quiz 7

PSYC 320 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. When using a behavioral chain, a(an) ____________ makes the outcome of the chain more reinforcing.
  2. The individual component behaviors that occur in a behavioral chain are called ____________ components.
  3. The outcome of each response in the behavioral chain serves as the ________ for the next response in the chain.
  4. Each step in the behavioral chain consists of a:
  5. Graduated guidance is typically used with:
  6. Forward chaining and backward chaining both involve:
  7. Every time Mary uses her DVR to record a television show, she verbally recites each step that she must go through in order to program the DVR.  Mary is using:
  8. Mark just got a computer.  He follows the step by step written instructions in order to hook his computer up.  This is an example of:
  9. A researcher is going to use a behavioral chaining procedure to teach an individual with developmental disabilities to stuff brochures into envelopes.  The researcher first goes through the process of identifying all the individual stimulus-response components in the chain.  This process is called:
  10. Andrew just got a new puppy, and his Mom is going to use a chaining procedure to teach Andrew all the steps involved in feeding the puppy.  If his Mom teaches him the last behavior in the chain first and then teaches him each previous behavior she would be using:
  11. Which of the following is true concerning a behavioral chain?
  12. Which of the following is true concerning the similarities between forward and backward chaining and total task presentation?
  13. In order for the behavioral chain to continue to occur, the last behavior in the chain must be:
  14. Which of the following is necessary when conducting a task analysis?
  15. Which of the following strategies can be used to conduct a task analysis?


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