PSYC 317 Discussion 4

PSYC 317 Discussion 4 Liberty Answers

Topic: Substance Abuse – What about the family/friends/significant others? Are they in a crisis?

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the United States. Unless family members make adjustments, the effects of alcohol and drug abuse penetrate well into the family unit and will eventually begin tearing the family apart. Often, this adjustment manifests itself in enabling (trying to help out of guilt) and co-dependency (learning how to get needs met in an unhealthy relationship). The abuser/dependent certainly needs intervention and is likely in a crisis. However, this forum focuses on the family members/friends/significant others who are also experiencing a crisis. Define enabling and co-dependency. Give a clinical example of each and share how you would intervene as a therapist with each issue. Make sure you use documentation to support your answer.

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