PSYC 317 Discussion 2

PSYC 317 Discussion 2 Liberty Answers

Topic: An accurate assessment is essential for effective intervention: The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.

It is often said that Psychology is the science of understanding human behavior, and Counseling is the art of helping others understand their behavior. A person’s response to a crisis situation is idiosyncratic—not all people have the same response. The response is unique to the individual with how they perceived their crisis situation. Two sisters can have completely different responses to the loss of a brother in active duty while completing a tour in a combat zone. It is the therapist’s responsibility to try to see the crisis situation from the client’s perspective. Although this can be challenging, the success of such a goal is largely influenced by an effective assessment. The ABC Model (Kanel, 2015) identifies 3 areas of assessment that are essential when completing an initial interview and providing ongoing treatment/interventions. What are these 3 categories? Define each category. Which category is the most important? You can only pick 1 and you must support your argument with professional sources.

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