PSYC 101 Quiz 9

Liberty PSYC 101 Quiz 9 Answers

  1. The time in a woman’s life when menstruation ends is called
  2. Kohlberg’s model of moral development has been criticized as culturally biased because
  3. All but which of the following have been put forth as criticisms of Piaget’s theory?
  4. If Paige is like the average American girl, she will have her first period at about what age?
  5. Regarding research on pubertal timing, which of the following statements is TRUE?
  6. Regarding the New York Longitudinal Study of temperament, which of the following statements is FALSE?
  7. Chris and Pat set limits for their children without being overcontrolling. Which style of parenting are they using?
  8. Elisabeth Kübler­Ross’s model of death and dying is based on
  9. An unlearned response to a particular stimulus is a(n)
  10. Psychologist Jeffrey Arnett describes the transition from adolescence to adulthood with the term
  11. The stressful time of soul searching and self­examination that many adolescents experience is the
  12. Petra is able to imagine what would happen if parents were held legally responsible for the crimes of their children. She is capable of making an argument for or against this, regardless of her opinion. Petra is probably in which stage of cognitive development?
  13. Maria suffers from a bone disease characterized by loss of bone density in which the bones become porous, brittle, and more prone to fracture. Which disease is she likely to have?
  14. Vygotsky saw cognitive development through the lens of children’s
  15. Piaget’s primary research technique involved
  16. Marietta, who is terminally ill, promises to go to church every Sunday if God will let her live to see the birth of her first grandchild. Marietta reflects which stage of death and dying?
  17. Elvin is 75 years old. He is rather sad because he regrets the wasted opportunities in life and feels he has made a lot of mistakes. From Erikson’s perspective, this reflects a sense of
  18. Regarding the normal declines in memory functioning that occur during midlife, which of the following statements is FALSE?
  19. Psychologist Carol Gilligan argued that Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory is biased against
  20. Regarding adolescent­parent relationships, which of the following statements is FALSE?
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