PSYC 101 Quiz 14

Liberty PSYC 101 Quiz 14 Answers

  1. Paul was not given a promotion. He feels upset and disappointed because he thinks of himself as a failure who will never succeed. From the perspective of rational­emotive behavior therapy, Paul’s view of himself is the
  2. What is a primary disadvantage of the antianxiety drug Valium?
  3. In research reported in your text, an analysis of 400 controlled studies evaluating the effectiveness of psychotherapy found that the average person receiving therapy did better than approximately what percentage of people placed on waiting lists for therapy?
  4. According to Carl Rogers, what are three important components of therapy?
  5. Computer technology has been used for a new form of exposure therapy called
  6. In a study reported in the text, which orientation was most often reported by a group of clinical and counseling psychologists?
  7. Most of the antipsychotic drugs target which neurotransmitter?
  8. Pauline goes to a rational­emotive behavior therapist. Pauline should expect that her therapist will do all but which of the following during the course of therapy?
  9. Caleb Burke is a hyperactive child with a poor attention span and disruptive behaviors. Caleb is likely to be treated with which type of drug?
  10. Cognitive therapists such as Aaron Beck refer to errors in thinking as
  11. Regarding the use of antidepressants, which of the following statements is FALSE?
  12. In the evaluation of different types of therapies, common characteristics of all types of therapy under study are referred to as
  13. ______ is an empirically supported treatment for enuresis (bed­wetting).
  14. During a visit to his therapist, Ishmael was asked to begin talking about whatever was on his mind even if it seems trivial or irrelevant. This example describes
  15. Common side effects of antidepressants are
  16. Regarding behavior therapy, which of the following is TRUE?
  17. Gail suffers from bipolar disorder. Which drug is Gail’s doctor likely to prescribe to help stabilize her mood swings?
  18. In behavioral therapy, another term for gradual exposure is
  19. Learning desirable behavior by watching and imitating others is known as ______, and ______ pioneered the use of this technique to help people overcome phobias.
  20. Generalizing from research evidence, some forms of psychodynamic therapy are predicted to produce good results in treating which of the following?
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