PSYC 101 Quiz 13

Liberty PSYC 101 Quiz 13 Answers

  1. The type of psychological disorder that attracted Sigmund Freud to the study of psychological factors in abnormal behavior would now be called
  2. Which of the following statements regarding criteria for determining abnormal behavior is false?
  3. Therapist Charlotte Maley is a behaviorist. She is most likely to suggests that depression is
  4. All of the following are criticisms of the DSM except

  5. The patterns of behavior in personality disorders are, in many cases,
  6. Tatiana is a schizophrenia patient with delusional thinking. Based on this description, what is Tatiana mostlikely experiencing?
  7. Gina believes that she is the secret love child of the late Princess Diana and singer Elton John. Since she really is not their child, Gina’s belief would be considered a(n)
  8. Critics of the concept of dissociative identity disorder suggest
  9. Regarding major depression, which of the following statements is false?
  10. Diana has borderline personality disorder. Which of the following best describes the major symptoms of her disorder?
  11. A class of psychological disorders involving changes in consciousness, memory, or self­ identity is known as
  12. George was committed to a psychiatric hospital after he was caught happily shopping at the local supermarket without any clothes on. By what criterion is George’s behavior considered abnormal?
  13. Approximately what percentage of American adults has a diagnosable psychological disorder at some point in their life?
  14. Regarding causes of suicide, which of the following statements is false?
  15. Felicia reports that she is hearing voices that continually demean and belittle her. By what criterion is her behavior considered abnormal?
  16. Attempts to understand the biological basis of depression has linked it to imbalances in
  17. The irrational or excessive fear of enclosed spaces is called
  18. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) uses the term _____ to describe abnormal patterns of behavior.
  19. Tako occasionally finds himself in a state of sheer terror. The sensation lasts for several minutes, and he often believes he is “going crazy.” His symptoms most closely describe
  20. Persistent anxiety that is not tied to any particular object or situation is called
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