PPOG 506 GAPS Analysis

PPOG 506 GAPS Analysis Liberty University Answers

Here is some guidance on the upcoming group GAPS assignment. Start early and work for a few weeks on it with your group. As soon as you are assigned to a group, please begin to interact with the members that were assigned to your group. You can find out who your fellow group members are by going to the Group Discussion Board area (which is a tab on the left side of the screen in Blackboard). Once you go to the Group Discussion Board area to interact with your group members, divide work amongst your group members. Set deadlines for group members to get the work done.

Political turbulence, especially at the international level, is a key factor for decision makers when considering entering, expanding, or terminating operations in a country or region. You will select a country and form a team of experts that helps in understanding and managing the political risks affecting:

  • The active social, political, cultural, and economic environment;
  • The political stability and sustainability structure;
  • Access to strategic human, natural, and economic skills and resources;
  • Access to allies and enemies;
  • Local and regional partnerships;
  • Supply chains and trade routes; and
  • Access to energy, commodities, and technology.

Your group will write a 5–7-page report following strict current Turabian guidelines. Each member of the group will turn in a copy of his/her group’s findings using the submission link in Blackboard.

See the rubric for specific grading procedures and policies.

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