HIUS 221 Personal Reflections Journals

HIUS 221 Personal Reflections Journals

Journal 1

The material for this module/week has led us from Europe, through first contacts, to the establishment of a solid English presence in the Americas. After reading and thinking about the Reading & Study materials for this module/week, what strikes you most about the founding of the American colonies? Did anything surprise you? Did your reading challenge your ideas or visions about colonial America?

Journal 2

This module/week has presented two very important influences on Colonial America: religion and slavery. After reviewing the Reading & Study materials, watching the videos, and working with the Slave Trade Database, how has your thinking changed regarding these aspects of history? Did your search through the Slave Trade Database change your thinking about this aspect of history?

Journal 3

Many students feel they know about the American War for Independence, but few understand how complex the arguments were and how long the war lasted. In your studies this week, what impressed you about the formation of the American nation? Was there anything presented in the material that you had not thought about before? What do you think about the way that Keene showed both the Patriot and Loyalist experiences during the period?

Journal 4

This module/week has examined the political issues that surrounded the formation of the Constitution and the years of the early republic. The partisanship that developed during the first twelve years of the Constitutional period often take many students by surprise. Many of them think that the United States sailed blissfully into greatness in her early years. What struck you as most surprising in your course materials this module/week? Has it changed your thinking about America’s founders or about the modern political climate?

Journal 5

In our materials this week, we’ve seen how America changed over the first half of the 19th century. Those changes were both positive and negative politically, economically, culturally, and socially. The information you studied is usually new to many students and, to some, comes as a surprise. What excited you in your reading? Was there anything that provided some explanation of why America looks the way it does today? Do you have a new perspective on America between the American Revolution and the Civil War?

Journal 6

The Reading & Study materials for this module/week have covered everything from the emergence of new religious denominations to the growth of the abolition movement. In your entry, give some consideration to the reasons all these changes may have occurred when they did. Think about all the material you have covered since Module/Week 1. Can you see a tendency? Could there be a spiritual foundation to the diversity in religious belief? Is it more secular than spiritual?

Journal 7

The Reading & Study material for this module/week has covered much of what was happening socially, politically, and culturally in Antebellum America. There were many factors involved in increasing sectional tensions in the United States during this period. What, other than the debates concerning slavery, struck you from the material? Is there any information that you might not have thought about previous to taking this course?

Journal 8

The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American History to date. It has left an indelible mark on our nation in a variety of ways. As you review the Reading & Study material, including A.K. McClure’s address, what struck you about the lessons that can be learned from this material? Was there something that made you stop and think? How do you see this war in relation to the history you have learned since Module/Week 1?

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