EDUC 604 Quiz 1

EDUC 604 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following accurately expressed Robert Owen’s view of human nature?
  2. Benjamin Franklin attempted to establish a Latin grammar school for upper class males in Philadelphia.
  3. Conservatism is associated with which of the following persons?
  4. Which of the following statements does NOT express classical liberal ideology?
  5. Jefferson’s “Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom” sought to do what?
  6. Which of the following believed that traditional institutions and values were needed to curb the potential excesses in human behavior?
  7. Which of the following argued that economic prosperity required reinvestment of profits in capital expansion?
  8. Which of the following was NOT true of Robert Owen’s ideology?
  9. Which of the following statements illustrates the disagreement between utopian and Marxist socialists?
  10. The statement that “man’s character was made for and not by him” expressed this ideologist’s view of human nature.
  11. Nationalist impulses focusing on the nation, often shaped national school systems.
  12. Which of the following was NOT found in the educational ideas of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Robert Coram, and Samuel Smith?
  13. The United States Constitution placed the control of education with which entity
  14. Which of the following was NOT a Napoleonic educational policy?
  15. Which of the following was NOT a general trend in educational policies during the French Revolution?
  16. Jefferson and other leading theorists of education in the early American republic wanted to do which of the following?
  17. Which of the following was NOT emphasized by Benjamin Franklin?
  18. Jefferson’s theory of government was influenced by which person?
  19. Jefferson believed that government positions should be reserved for an aristocracy of birth.
  20. According to Robert Owen, the theories of the classical liberal economists . . .
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