COUC 546 Quiz 1

COUC 546 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. The difference between anxiety and fear is that
  2. Some critics of the DSM-5 believe that
  3. Hippocrates’ early views on mental health contributed to an enduring emphasis on
  4. Culture shapes all of the following EXCEPT:
  5. A genotype is illustrated by which of the following?
  6. Intrusive, irrational, and unwanted thoughts are called
  7. Generally, it is impossible for measures to be
  8. Bedlam
  9. Jones encourages her clients, under hypnosis, to recall childhood traumas and the emotions associated with them. This technique was developed by
  10. Which of the following is NOT an example of a diathesis?
  11. Which of the following correlation coefficient values demonstrates the highest degree of correlation?
  12. The DSM-5 is organized according to
  13. Juan wants to do a research study on whether or not studying for a test will improve students’ performance. If he believes it will, what would be his hypothesis?
  14. Exorcism was used on people who demonstrated odd behavior because:
  15. According to the diathesis-stress model, if Linda inherited a predisposition that places her at high risk for schizophrenia,
  16. A common focus of most effective psychological treatments for the anxiety disorders is
  17. The best definition of mental disorder takes all of the following into account EXCEPT:
  18. Which research method would be most useful in generating hypotheses about the cause of a newly discovered, rare abnormality?
  19. The best evidence supporting a genetic component to different disorders stems from
  20. The most common disorder comorbid with anxiety disorders is
  21. One way in which the DSM-5 differs from the DSM-IV-TR is that the DSM-5
  22. When you feel hungry and immediately seek out food, this is an example of the __________ acting.
  23. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of stigma?
  24. According to behavior genetics research,
  25. You are relying on a dimensional classification scheme and work with individuals who struggle with delusions. Your diagnoses are going to be based upon the __________ of delusions.
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