COUC 504 Quiz 4

COUC 504 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. __________ model of gay and lesbian identity development set the groundwork for future identity development models and is one of the most comprehensive models.
  2. A major issue for gay and lesbian “double and triple minorities” is
  3. Gay men tend to be diagnosed with __________ more than heterosexual men.
  4. Major goals of gay affirmative counseling include
  5. A major issue for LGBQI people of color is
  6. __________ is NOT one of the variables described as comprising sexual orientation.
  7. The enforcement of heterosexual norms that may be consciously or unconsciously endorsed by individuals and institutions is called
  8. Conversion therapy was used to
  9. African-American gay and bisexual men are more likely to abuse
  10. A system of heterosexism that confers unearned advantages onto heterosexual people is called
  11. Recent research shows that same sex attraction is 100% genetic and biological.
  12. The role of religious identity and how it interacts with same sex attraction continues to be debated in professional mental health associations (APA,  ACA, AAMFT).
  13. A fearful attitude of avoidance, discomfort, and potential mistreatment of lesbian and gay individuals is known as
  14. A client’s religion is an important cultural diversity consideration.
  15. “Coming out” for a lesbian or gay person can involve significant losses.
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