COUC 504 Quiz 1

COUC 504 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. The group with the highest median income is
  2. Counselors engaging in community experiences to better understand a client of a cultural identity different from their own is an example of the __________ aspect of multicultural counseling competency.
  3. Ethnocentrism is a danger to the counseling profession because
  4. Professional counselors who engage in advocacy efforts assume that there is a(n)
  5. Helms (1995) describes interactions in which the parties share similar racial attitudes and assumptions as
  6. _______ can be conceptualized as a complex process of moving from a state of racial unawareness and non-identification to one of awareness and self-identification.
  7. During the __________ stage of the Troiden (1989) model of sexual identity development, individuals are most likely to become aware of same-sex attraction.
  8. __________ is one of the thematic categories used in the expanded version of Cross’s Nigrescence model (Cross & Vandier, 2001; Worrell, Cross & Vandiver, 2001).
  9. Which of the following statements on migration is NOT true.
  10. McGoldrick et al. believes that the U.S. is a “melting pot”.
  11. Which of the following statements on cultural and racial intermarriage is NOT true.
  12. Which concept is NOT a part of seeing cultures with a Biblical Worldview Lens
  13. Using an emic perspective, counselors interpret client presentation based on
  14. Over the 200+ years of the United States existence, Christianity has only been used by White people to reinforce racism.
  15. The contact hypothesis notes that for cultural encounters to produce positive changes in a person’s biases, the following condition(s) are helpful:
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