COMS 101 Discussion Board 2

COMS 101 Discussion Board 2 Liberty


This assignment challenges you to explore the importance of presenting information honestly and truthfully to an audience and to weigh the potential consequences of doing so.

Read the Academic Code of Honor section of the Liberty University Honor Code. Focus especially on its definition of plagiarism and the penalty for it. Then, use the internet and Liberty University’s library databases to explore a plagiarism controversy that surrounded 1 of the following individuals:

Stephen Ambrose, popular historian and biographer;

Joseph Biden, former U.S. presidential candidate and current vice president;

Jayson Blair, former New York Times reporter;

Maureen Dowd, New York Times op-ed columnist;

Doris Kearns Goodwin, popular historian and author;

Paul Krugman, economist, columnist, and Nobel laureate;

Jonah Lehrer, science journalist and former New Yorker columnist;

Victor Ponta, Romanian prime minister;

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia; and

Pal Schmitt, former president of Hungary.

In 200–300 words, describe the controversy you chose to explore; make sure to acknowledge the sources of your information in your writing. Identify the person who allegedly committed the plagiarism and the person or persons who made the allegation. Report how the alleged plagiarism was discovered and the outcome of the controversy. Finally, quoting words from the Academic Code of Honor, define plagiarism; then explain in your own words what makes plagiarism wrong, even if it is unintentional.

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