CJUS 400 Test 3

Liberty CJUS 400 Test 3 Answers

1. Under the federal Missing Children’s Assistance Act, parents of missing children
2. The definition of a battery is
3. Children who are abandoned, deserted or told to leave home are classified as
4. A defense in which the defendant claims the other party was the aggressor and the defendant acted in self‑defense is known as the
5. Virtually any kind of physical contact can constitute
6. Which of the following statements is true?
7. Who of the following are required, by law, to report suspected child abuse?
8. The FBI can enter parental kidnapping cases through the Fugitive Felon Act for all of the following conditions except
9. The amount of force that parents may reasonably use in controlling their children is determined in view of
10. Studies show that women who resist decrease the odds of completed rape by 80 percent, Rule 412 of the Federal Rules of Evidence is an example of a
11. A defendant could be convicted of pimping for prostitution by proof that the defendant
12. Which of the following is NOT considered prostitution? – engaging in sexual relations
13. Rape shield laws were enacted to
14. The terms upskirting and downblousing describe offenses that are charged under ____ statutes.
15. Civil commitment is permissible only if it can be shown the person is a dangerous sexual predator who poses a substantial threat to commit sexual offenses in the future, and
16. In State v. Baker, the Iowa Supreme Court permitted a defendant in a rape case to offer evidence that the victim had in the past made false rape claims against others. Since such evidence is not about past sexual behavior, the court held the rape shield law
17. What child pornography legislation was passed by Congress to eliminate the problems in earlier legislation?
18. Sexual relations (nonmarital) became a crime in the United States if
19. A bailment, or pledge, is an example of a legal situation where the person who
20. Wrongfully signing a writing or instrument in the name of the person who issued the writing or instrument, or to whom it was payable is the crime of
21. A “taking” can occur by
22. Under the old common law, the only property that could be stolen consisted of
23. The prosecution must prove the same basic elements in a shoplifting case as in a trial for
24. For store security to lawfully use force in dealing with a shoplifter, it must be shown that the force was necessary and reasonable
25. In a self‑service store, a “taking” occurs when the individual exercises control over the merchandise
26. An employee who steals money or property from their employer commits
27. The relinquishment or surrender of property or the rights to property is called
28. What kind of intent is required for the crime of theft?
29. Home invasion requires which of the following?
30. What proportion of states have modified and changed the definition of burglary in their jurisdictions?
31. To convict a defendant of trafficking in stolen goods, the state is ordinarily required to prove all of the following except that
32. At common law, the only type of buildings that could be burglarized were – dwellings
33. The trespass to land statutes make the unlawful entry on land illegal if
34. A person who traffics in stolen property is called a
35. In addition to the intent or mental element of each crime, which crime requires no other elements other than the crime of stealing?
36. When force is not used in the taking of property, but it is used to keep the property and to escape from the scene of the theft some state courts have ruled a robbery occurred, while others have ruled it
37. Robbery may be thought of as a _____ type of stealing.
38. In a majority of states, if a purse‑snatching involves no more force than necessary to take the purse from the victim’s hand, the offense will be charged as
39. The term meaning giving something of value for something else is
40. Unlawful access to a computer or computer system with intent to commit a crime is known as
41. Arson is
42. Fraud and corruption in governemnt comes in all of the follwoing forms except
43. A program that sends multiple possible passwords to enter a computer is called
44. Which of the following elements is included in wire fraud but NOT necessary in bank fraud?
45. Insider trading includes using information acquired by an insider and
46. Deceitful means or acts used to cheat a person, corporation, or governmental agency is known as
47. Jeffrey Skilling was convicted of – “honest services” fraudulent actions
48. A scheme to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services is known as a
49. If a victim is intentionally selected because of their race, religion, color, nationality, etc., the defendant may be charged criminally
50. The use or threat of use of force to restrain or confine a person with the intent to use the person as a hostage to compel another person to perform some act is the definition of
51. The definition of an assault is
52. When seeking to avoid the defenses that the other party was the aggressor or that mutual combat occurred, police and prosecutors are likely to charge
53. Because kidnapping requires the victim to be moved “some distance” or a “substantial distance,” some states have created the crime of
54. A false imprisonment aggravated by the movement of the victim to another place constitutes the crime of
55. On the federal level, which of the following crimes would constitute disablement of the normal functioning of a human body?
56. A defense to a charge of unwanted touching or physical contact could be that the touching was
57. Most states divide sexual assault into
58. In most states, honest mistake as to the age of the minor in a statutory rape case
59. What is the stated purpose of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003?
60. Most statutes regarding the offense of sexual touching require the state to prove the touching was intentional, non‑consensual, and
61. Once civilly committed, many sex offenders are
62. Because the goal of the commitment was to furnish treatment to the sex offender, rather than punish him for criminal conduct, it is generally held that these civil commitments do not violate the
63. Which of the following is a basis for civil commitment of a sexual predator?
64. What kind of intent is required for the crime of statutory rape?
65. HIV is the virus that causes
66. Both nemo dat quod non habet together with the phrase caveat emptor
67. Reasonable grounds to believe is the definition of
68. Two important rights to property are
69. Creating a false document, or altering an existing document, is the essence of
70. What rule provides that a person who receives money in good faith and for value given takes title to the money?
71. The crime of uttering may be committed by presenting to a store clerk
72. Which of the following is not an example of theft/larceny?
73. “Strong arm” robbery is also known as
74. The majority rule in the United States is that crimes like purse snatching are not robberies unless
75. Strong‑arm robbery is also known as
76. Robbery of persons inhabiting a dwelling is called
77. The bad guy unlawfully enters the victim’s house with the intent to sexually assault her but, once inside, he realizes she is not home. He leaves without committing rape and without stealing any property from the home. The bad guy
78. Books, movies, and songs are protected by the
79. Theft based on stealing a real person’s identification information or theft based on creating a fictitious person’s identification is called
80. What are the two types of identity theft?
81. What is the name of the crime that occurs when an actual person’s identity is stolen?
82. Offering a gift or payment to another with the specific intent to obtain some unlawful particular quid pro quo for the gift or payment is known as
83. What federal statute makes it a federal crime to defraud a financial institution that is federally insured?
84. While the “white collar” language suggests the status of the wrongdoer, most definitions of the term focus on what rather than the identity of the criminal?
85. A person’s deliberate, willful, and malicious burning of a building or personal property is called
86. The principal problem in counterfeiting is _____, many of whom live in foreign countries and are producing counterfeit money that is difficult to detect.
87. All of the following are defenses to a charge of assault or battery except
88. What is the name of an unlawful striking or offensive touching?
89. An assault or battery can occur in a contact sport
90. An assault conviction requires acts intended to cause
91. In most states parental kidnapping
92. An individual who unlawfully restrains or detains another may be charged with
93. The federal law which prohibits sex trafficking in interstate commerce is called the
94. In many states the prosecution was required to prove force ____ the victim to engage in the sexual acts
95. Which is not an example of video voyeurism and/or invasion of privacy?
96. Sexual intercourse with a minor female under the age stated by the criminal code, who is not the wife of a perpetrator is the definition of what crime?
97. The reasons given for failure to report a rape or attempted rape include all of the following except
98. The use of deceit or trickery to obtain profit or advantage is termed
99. To be labeled abandoned property requires both
100. An example of immovable property would be
101. The Latin phrase nemo dat quod non habet means
102. Shoplifting detention acts (or shopkeeper’s privilege) grants merchants immunity from civil actions brought by suspected shoplifters who were detained if the security personnel
103. “Property” is divided into what two types?
104. Often times, defendants attempt to defeat the intent to steal requirement by contending that they intended only to ___ the property.
105. For the crime of robbery to occur
106. The crime of extortion requires a threat
107. A strong­arm robbery is one in which
108. Purse snatching without force is a form of
109. Today state and federal burglary statutes
110. The economic cost of white collar crimes is
111. Bribery under the federal statute is similar to extortion because it is not necessary in an extortion prosecution to prove an official threatened to use his official authority if
112. Sophisticated color copiers allow what law enforcement officers call “________” to print thousands of crude bills.
113. In _____, a fictitious person’s name or Social Security number are used to commit the theft.
114. “Outsiders,” “insiders” and “tippees” are a part of what type of crime?
115. What is required of an official regarding the quid pro quo requirement?

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