CJUS 361 Quiz 2

Liberty CJUS 361 Quiz 2 Answers

  1. Which of the following directly affects the depth of field range?
  2. When photographing a scene with a reflective surface, such as a glass table or mirror a _________flash can help overcome reflections and shadows?
  3. When is fill in flash used?
  4. Manuel focusing on a single item is best accomplished by having the film plane _________ to the top of the surface of the item?
  5. What shutter speed is used when painting with light?
  6. Pincushion distortion is usually an effect of using a ____________lens?
  7. is a chemical that can be used to show and photograph blood, even after and attempt has been made to clean it up?
  8. Different types of __________ must be used to adequately photograph evidence that has been made visible through alternative light sources (Also known as Forensic Light Source)?
  9. Acutance is?
  10. Photographing evidence close up is referred to as photographing evidence in
  11. True or False: When using a flash, the flash should always be used in a “head on” approach to avoid glare?
  12. is the ability of the camera system to distinctly record two separate but adjacent elements of an image.
  13. A “Snapshot” shooter does which of the following?
  14. UV light can be used to search for which of the following?
  15. What are the three problems associated with camera lenses?
  16. True or False: Auto focusing always produces in focus photographs?
  17. In general had shadows and soft shadows
  18. is a technique to maximize depth of field?
  19. When photographing a crime scene it is essential to?
  20. Barrel distortion is usually an effect of using a ____________lens?
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