CCOU 201 Compare and Contrast Paper

CCOU 201 Compare and Contrast Paper


After reading Effective Biblical Counseling (Crabb, 1977), read the provided articles on accepted counseling practices found in Assignments folder in Module/Week 5. You will then write a 5–7 pages highlighting the differences and commonalities between Crabb’s biblical model of counseling and the theories and techniques found in the provided articles. Use the following headings from the Crabb text as the compare and contrast headings for your paper:

  • Part I: Goal of Christian Counseling
  • Part II: Basic Concepts
  • Part III: Basic Strategy
  • Part IV: Developing a Counseling Program in the Local Church

Begin each section under the heading by describing Crabb’s perspective of each category. Following a presentation of his concepts, discuss (under each heading) content from the articles that compare and contrast with his ideas. Answer how the techniques and theories from the secular counseling community can serve the goal of biblical counseling as Crabb described it. Describe how they also contradict Crabb’s ideas and goals. Even the goals and strategies Crabb offers in Part IV: Developing a Counseling Program in the Local Church have intersections to discuss from the secular techniques and principles presented in the articles.

Cite all sources used according to current APA format and include the following:

Include the following in current APA style:

  • Title page
  • Headers (running head and page numbers on all pages)
  • In-text citations
  • Reference page

*No abstract page is required for this assignment.

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