BUSI 681 Quiz 5

BUSI 681 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Deciding what data to collect, actually collecting the data and analyzing it, and reporting this data are all parts of structuring a project monitoring information system.
  2. Sally receives the following information on her project: PV = 100, AC = 75, EV = 100. How well is the project doing in terms of budget?
  3. A scope change is always viewed negatively as it changes the delivery date of the project.
  4. All scope changes that result in increased costs should be avoided.
  5. Baseline project budgets are derived from
  6. A ___________ Gantt chart is a simple and effective way to depict progress on a project.
  7. The value that tells you the planned value of work that has actually been completed is the
  8. The indicator that tells you the amount each remaining dollar must earn in order for the project to stay within budget is the
  9. A negative VAC indicates that the project will be completed over budget.
  10. The earned value of a project is the
  11. Most changes will not result in serious scope changes and should be absorbed as positive or negative variances.
  12. Jessica just received the following information on her project: PV = 200, EV = 300, AC = 250, BAC = 1500, EAC = 1208. In terms of cost at completion.
  13. A project monitoring system involves all of the following EXCEPT
  14. The final step in the project control process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to
  15. A reason that the duration on a task may differ from an original duration on a Tracking Gantt chart could be
  16. In monitoring project time (schedule) performance, actual performance should be compared to
  17. Jim receives the following information on his project: PV = 1000, EV = 1200, AC = 800, BAC = 2000, EAC = 1333. How is the project doing in terms of schedule?
  18. Which of the following methods of variance analysis is the best indicator of how far off the budget a project will be at completion?
  19. The only accurate method for determining the true time progress of the project is to compare the project network schedule against the actual network schedule to measure if the project is on time.
  20. Of the following costs, which are NOT included in baseline?
  21. A Cost/Schedule graph can be interpreted using ___________ and __________ for its axis.
  22. Which of the following methods will measure the cost efficiency of the work accomplished to date?
  23. A project manager would be glad to see a TCPI of 1.07.
  24. An undesirable schedule variance always indicates that the project is running behind schedule.
  25. A project manager learns that the project is only earning $.90 of planned work for each dollar spent by looking at the
  26. Which of the following methods will measure the scheduling efficiency of the work accomplished to date?
  27. The PCIC index measures the project percent complete in relation to the resources that have actually been used so far on the project.
  28. Causes for Scope Creep can include
  29. For a more complex project, statistical analysis can be applied to a Control Chart to identify potential causes of schedule deviation.
  30. The start of a task may be moved on a Tracking Gantt due to
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