BIBL 110 Test 7

BIBL 110 Test 7 Liberty University Answers

Updated 2017

  1. Hebrews 1:5–2:18 emphasizes the superiority of Christ to
  2. According to Hebrews 4:14–10:18, Christ is superior to __.
  3. While scoffers will ridicule the promise of the Lord’s return (2 Pet 3:3–7), Peter assures his readers that the Lord delays his return because of his __ (2 Pet 3:8–9).
  4. The author of 2 Peter claims to have been an eyewitness of Jesus’ transfiguration.
  5. The book of Hebrews was clearly written by the apostle Paul as this is attested in the apostolic fathers.
  6. According to James, faith and works are __.
  7. Which item not one of the arguments against the Pauline authorship of Hebrews?
  8. Among the individuals in the NT who are named James, which one is most likely the author of the Letter of James?
  9. Which theological truth is not mentioned in James?
  10. The original recipients of 2 Peter were most likely Christians living in northern
  11. In his second letter, Peter assures believers that the __ is certain and inevitable.
  12. Given the fact that the author of Hebrews does not mention the destruction of the __, which occurred in AD 70, the letter was likely written prior to this date.
  13. James selects two defining moments in the life of __ (2:14–26) in order to define the relationship between faith and works.
  14. 1 Peter was probably written about AD __.
  15. Hebrews 3:1–4:13 emphasizes that Christ is superior to
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