BIBL 110 Test 5

BIBL 110 Test 5 Liberty University Answers

Updated 2017

  1. Select the key word in 1 Thessalonians.
  2. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul emphasized that true joy is not contingent on __ but on knowing that an all- powerful and all-loving God is in control.
  3. Paul wrote to the church in the city of Philippi around AD 60 during his two-year Caesarean imprisonment.
  4. Select the key word in Philippians.
  5. Second Thessalonians 2:12–17 emphasizes the importance of the Thessalonian believers standing firm in the apostolic teaching.
  6. According to Phil 2:1–11, Jesus Christ is the supreme example of unity, __, and selflessness.
  7. Knowing God’s will counteracted the knowledge of the Colossian heresy because it helped believers to walk worthy and to please the Lord (Col 1:10).
  8. According to 2 Thessalonians, two events must occur prior to the inauguration of the Day of the Lord. These events are (1) the revelation of the man of lawlessness; and (2) the __.
  9. Having been written about AD 51, this is one of Paul’s earliest epistles, perhaps second only to Galatians.
  10. Which item was not an aspect of the Colossian heresy?
  11. Paul was likely residing in __ when he wrote 1 Thessalonians.
  12. Select the key verse in 1 Thessalonians.
  13. Select the key verse in Colossians.
  14. The city of Ephesus was the capital of __ and the center of Roman authority in the area.
  15. According to Paul’s message in Philippians, Christ-like thinking produces joy, peace, and contentment.
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