AVIA 400 Quiz 6

AVIA 400 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. With regard to teleoperation and risk, some authorities are concerned about the lack of shared fate in unmanned aviation. In this context, shared fate refers to situations in which a threat to the safety of the aircraft is also a threat to the safety of:
  2. The aviation system as a whole is safer than ever before due in part to:
  3. The System Safety perspective is new to the aviation industry. In this perspective, the created safety culture:
  4. __________________ is critical as a key first step in the user centered design process to establish baseline system requirements
  5. Department of Defense (DoD) Human-Systems Integration (HSI) process includes:
  6. The benefit of the new crew station design would include:
  7. NASA’s Integrated Intelligent Flight Deck (IIFD) Project:
  8. Sheridan distinguishes between three levels of control in technological systems:
  9. The manual control of an unmanned aircraft can become difficult with time lags between control input and response as brief as:
  10. The NTSB and ALPA differ on their explanation of pilot error as the final word in aviation accidents. While the NTSB looks for causal factors, ALPA thought it was more important to:
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