AVIA 400 Quiz 4

AVIA 400 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Sunk costs refers to:
  2. Which of these is NOT a source of useful data about human error:
  3. The rate at which one adapts to jet lag:
  4. Chronic sleep restriction and an increase in the risk of errors and accidents are the result of:
  5. From a researchers perspective, the line operations safety audit (LOSA) is one of the richest sources of information about flight crew performance in real-world operations. Unfortunately, the events of 9/11 has all but stopped this avenue for researchers who are not employees of the airline, FAA, or NTSB.
  6. An airline crew is forced to takeoff late due to a maintenance problem. The crew struggles with the decision to fly faster to make up time and the cost of the additional fuel used to make up lost time. This is an example of a
  7. Which two physiological processes are primarily responsible for the regulation of alertness and sleepiness level across the 24-hr day?
  8. After the ingestion of caffeine, it takes _________ to enter the bloodstream and its effects can persist up to _________.
  9. Defining error in aircraft accidents asks what question
  10. A college students homeostatic sleep drive is elevated by which factor(s):
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