AVIA 400 Quiz 3

AVIA 400 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Helmreich’s (1994) assessment of the crash of Flight 052 found the following reason(s) for the flight’s crash:
  2. Klein’s Recognition Primed Decision (RPD) making model
  3. The IMOI model for team effectiveness adds to the I-P-O model in what way?
  4. For a crew to be effective they
  5. Teamwork involves those skills
  6. Shared mental models are critical to team effectiveness. A mental model
  7. McGraths I-P-O framework of studying teamwork suggests that an input is at the
  8. Because more than 70% of aviation accidents can be attributed to human factors, recent research has focused its attention toward ___________ in an effort to reduce human error.
  9. Cannon-Bowers (1995) identified which core competencies necessary for teamwork to occur?
  10. Which statement is false?
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