AVIA 300 Quiz 7

AVIA 300 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Repeatedly performing a well-known task can cause one to have expectations of the outcome. This is an example of what common mistake:
  2. _______ is mental exhaustion threatening work performance.
  3. Many pilots are consistently trying to prove that they are better than everyone else. This attitude is classified as ________.
  4. T/F: After recognizing a hazardous attitude, the first step is to label it.
  5. “I can make a difference” is the proper response to which hazardous attitude:
  6. People who don’t stop to think about what they are about to do can be labeled with a _________ attitude.
  7. People who are resentful of being told what to do may suffer from the ________ attitude.
  8. T/F: Stress can be a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes physical or mental tension.
  9. T/F: Hazardous attitudes contribute to high levels of stress which increases productivity and reduces error.
  10. “Think first” is the proper response to which hazardous attitude:
  11. T/F: Antidotes for hazardous attitudes are not necessarily the best way to combat a hazardous attitude.
  12. T/F: One’s attitude affects quality of decisions.
  13. Many pilots suffer from the idea that “it won’t happen to me”. Which hazardous attitude does this fall under?
  14. When one doesn’t see themselves as being able to make a great deal of difference in what happens to them, they are suffering from a ______________ attitude.
  15. “The rules are probably right” is the proper response to which hazardous attitude?
  16. T/F: Distractions can be anything that draws your attention away from the task at hand.
  17. ______ is a motivational predisposition to respond to people, situations, or events in a given manner.
  18. According to the FAA, two ways to combat pressure is to _______ and ______________.
  19. T/F: Recognition is the first step in neutralizing hazardous thoughts and actions.
  20. T/F: Failure to speak up or document concerns is known as one of the most common causes of mistakes in the aviation workplace.
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