AVIA 300 Quiz 2

AVIA 300 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. T/F: Current aviation accident investigation is based on the reactive approach.
  2. T/F: Similar to Reason’s model, the 5-M model showcases “screens” or defenses that can be set up to plug the holes in the “Swiss cheese” and thus prevent the accident.
  3. The failure of a machine is really a failure of one of more _______ who designed the machine.
  4. Which model explains that systems are protected by multiple layers of defenses that are designed to prevent hazards or system failures from cascading into accidents?
  5. T/F: In the 5-M model, the mission plays the overall predominant role.
  6. Existing ____________ can breach aviation system defense screens if not sufficient in the areas of regulations, training, and technology.
  7. Which model is a good representation of the complex relationship between the individual and the organization?
  8. The ______ model explains that before an active human failure occurs, there are certain latent conditions in the organization which are the result of management action or inaction.
  9. The relationship between the human and supporting systems found in the workplace is known as:
  10. The responsibility of safety and, thus, accident prevention in any organization ultimately rests with _________.
  11. Accident models help explain the relationship between ________ and _________.
  12. T/F: The relationship between man and machine is noted as “Liveware to Hardware”.
  13. When examining the SHELL model, the _______ component is always in the center of the diagram.
  14. Component failures caused by inadequate design or manufacture occurring early are known as:
  15. T/F: According to the textbook, if an organization has gone long periods without an accident or a serious incident, there are clearly a safe organization.
  16. The goal of ________ safety is to use __________ data for analysis and modeling to conduct a preemptive strike so that accidents are prevented by addressing root causes of hazards before they manifest themselves in accidents.
  17. T/F: Accidents frequently have only one cause.
  18. T/F: One of the main goals of accident investigation is to recommend control measures.
  19. The ______ model focuses on events beyond the active failures of frontline employees to latent preexisting conditions that result from fallible decisions made by high-level decision makers.
  20. With regard to the 5-M model, the _______ considers the environment to comprise two parts- the natural environment and the artificial environment.
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